The New You
Dallas Integrative Healing Arts Center

Integrative Healthcare Associates 

Randall Winter, LMT, CHt
Nadine Romain, PhD, CHt

The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

Gentle Modalities - How do we work?

Because of our multi-facetted training and life journey, we are able to combine different approaches and create a taylored, unique process for you. With gentle, yet powerful, cutting edge information and resources, we provide the most profound transformation and most successful outcome for you.

  • Health Issues
    Alternative, natural methods have proven very effective to help with back pain, chronic pain, natural childbirth, weight loss, quit smoking, sleep recovery and stress management.
  • Life Style
    Using guided imagery, altered state of awareness and simple cues, we can help you overcome your fear, pass tests, improve relationships and manifest the life you want.
  • Spiritual Matters
    Looking for a connection with spritual guides, a loved one, your life path or re-directing your life? We can help you using higher consciousness, deep trance hypnosis or ThetaHealing.
  • Ortho-Bionomy
    A healing art using comfortable positions and gentle movements to allow the body to self-correct.
  • Quantum Birthing
    Unique childbirth preparation program that teaches you to tap into your unlimited potential to achieve blissfull, even pain free birth. Nadine Romain has been helping women in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex for over 12 years.