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Sleep Issues or Insomnia

According to Statistic, 4o million Americans have chronic sleep disorder, 70 million suffer from insomnia and 30% of adults admit to have had insomnia at some point in their life! 

That is 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 people!


sleep disorder and insomnia in the US

Sleep issues are known to cost employers over $18 billion a year in loss of productivity and accidents (CNN says $65 billion a year). Add to that the cost of car accidents and domestic incidents due to lack of sleep... (verified by the National sleep Foundation and the CDC).

SLEEP is VERY important to your HEALTH!

SLEEP ISSUES commonly addressed with hypnosis and/or tapping:

  • Anxiety: 18% of the poulation, over 40 million adults (above 18 y.o.) are diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). In lay terms, we call it worrying, overthinking, being concerned about everything and especially when your head hits the pillow for "a good night sleep"! Hypnosis and guided imagery can help unplug a racing mind and "Tapping" (EFT) has made wonders in shifting the feeling around.
  • Stress: some would argue that stress as in "life stimulant" is a positive thing, but we are stimulated ALL THE TIME. So we become over-stimulated to the point that our physical body stays in a state of hyper-alertness ALL THE TIME too! Learning to turn those signals on and off at will is one of the way to help you sleep better!
  • Restlessness: we have so much in our minds and never ending to-do lists that we live in a constant state of alertness and it has become difficult (if not impossible) to turn that off when it is time to sleep! 
  • Relaxation: you may have observed that sometimes you are so stressed, you cannot even relax your muscles when you get home and sit down. Indeed, your body has forgotten how to let go and it can be retrained so that, when you do sit down (or lay down) you really get a chance to relax!
  • Chronic pain: sometimes being in pain continuously prevents you to achieve deep sleep (delta brainwaves) where the physical body rejuvenates and repairs itself with the most efficacy. Hypnosis sleep programs can help you attain this level of deep sleep and improve the quality of your life. 
  •  Others: Sometimes the sleep problem is triggered by traumatic events (recents or past). Hypnosis can hep in those cases too with a different approach that might take a little longer to achieve complete resolution. 

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