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The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

Quantum Focusing®

How to Get "Unstuck"!

Take charge of your Life, your Health, your Career with this step-by-step Mental Martial Art

If being stuck is interfering with your life, perhaps it is time to let go old behaviors and learn a new approach to life?

Quantum Focusing is a coaching program created by Michael Ellner and Alan Barsky to help you tap into a higher state of awareness that promotes health, wellness and being more effective in life.

Each step in your self-empowerment journey increases your coping skills, your ability to make good decisions, and helps you perform everyday tasks with more ease and joy.

Quantum Focusing takes a lighthearted approach to self-mastery, a tried and true process for self-development and spiritual growth.

This 6-weeks program teaches you simple, fun exercises that will assist you in creative, healthy ways to manage stress, make peace with your past and create a bright and joyful future. 

My heart is healthy, my mind is peaceful and my spirit is playful. THANKS to you! I'll be forever grateful to you for helping me find the balance and strength that I needed to stop feeling so much loss and pain!
K.B., Dallas, Texas

Quantum Focusing gives you everything you need to GET UNSTUCK and set yourself FREE!

 You progressively introduce the short practices into your life and watch "things" turn around for you!

Here are the essential 6 steps to setting yourself FREE!

  1. Learn to Relax your body & Quiet your mind
  2. Develop your FOCUSING skills and Imagination
  3. Detox Painful Memories
  4. Stop Self-Sabotage
  5. Creatively manage your Stress
  6. Overcome your Fears with Self-Confidence

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"Hope is realistic" ~ Michael Ellner

"You are the captain of your boat, you are in charge, you can choose where you want to go!" ~ Nadine Romain