The New You
Dallas Integrative Healing Arts Center

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Randall Winter, LMT, CHt
Nadine Romain, PhD, CHt

The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

Looking for Real Tools and Techniques to prepare for a Normal, Undisturbed Birth?  

Quantum Birthing is the answer!

 Quantum Birthing™ is the result of over 10 years of practice and research. I wanted to bring you the best in hypnotic assisted birthing! With this very thorough program you will receive all the information and practice tools to attein complete comfort in childbirth if that's what you want.

"It (QB) really is life-changing! I had all the tools and information I needed to feel good and calm about the birth... It is the best way to have a baby!"


 Our scientists are just beginning to understand how our brain works and adapts. Thanks to the new developments in imaging: Pet- and CT-scans, MRI and fMRI and the like. It is giving us more and more reinforcement that the mind (thought process) and emotions play a very important role in our state of health.

 There is nothing new, there is nothing starnge about the hypnotic process. In fact, we constantly change our level of awareness without noticing it... If we would record our brainwaves along the day, we would see that we are in light and medium depth of hypnosis for certain periods of time, we cycle in and out all the time.

 Remember when you drive your car home from work and your mind is on "something else"- the shopping list or deadline tomorrow- and you get home without really realizing it! It happened to all of us. That's hypnosis!

 When you are so engrossed in a TV program, a video game or a book, and you don't hear your spouse telling you he/she is leaving, then you wonder where they are and why they didn't tell you?.... 

 That is also a form of altered state of consciousness and that is what hypnosis is, an altered state of awareness. In fact, you are more aware than ever when you practice your hypnosis sessions and certainly the day your baby decides to come and great you!


 Now as you learn to control when and how deeply you want to alter your perception, say, of pain, you can significantly reduce or even erase the sensation of pain and replace it with a pleasant warmth or wiggle or tingle or whatever you like! It's only a part of the "secret" but it is a lot easier then you think.

In fact a big part of the secret of the program is to "stop the thinking", that little voice that is always critisizing and introduces fear and doubt, etc. With Quantum Birthing™ you learn to silence the "little voice" and focus on the "Higher Guidance" that is a reality for all of us.

Depending on your belief system you may give "It" a different name but the experience of connecting with what I call "Source" is a universal concept. And what a better time to learn to bring Source awareness in your life than when you are expecting a child!

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