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The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!


FEAR is a false perception appearing real. It is not rational (not from the logical brain) and that is why you cannot reason your way out of it. You might say: "It does not make sense" or "I understand there is no reason to be afraid" but it won't take away the feeling in the pit of your stomach or your racing heart and sweaty palms, now will it?

Fear is not logical or cognitive! And that is why hypnosis can help you. With proper guidance, you can reach a state of consciousness that allows you to access the root (place, time and circumstances) of the triggering event and reframe it.

Sometimes the root can be in a previous life but most of the time it is in early childhood and your subconscious mind created a "false" belief to protect you at the time and it continues to "protect" you now. Except that now, in this life at this moment, it is creating an issue or a problem.

If you are planning a trip (especially of major importance like a wedding or a family reunion), give yourself plenty of time (4 weeks at least) so if we need several sessions, we have time to do that without the increase stress of the deadline.

By the way, the circumstances of the triggering event are rarely traumatic... They only appreared freightening at the time to the very young you!

Same principals apply to all kids of fear:

  • Fear of Height
  • Fear of crossing bridges
  • Fear of snakes or spiders

For Fear of speaking in public, we take a different approach (see "Public Speaking")

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