The New You
Dallas Integrative Healing Arts Center

Integrative Healthcare Associates 

Randall Winter, LMT, CHt
Nadine Romain, PhD, CHt

The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

Creating Abundance

Abundance is Your Birth Right, You have the Power to Create what You Want!


Unlimited Abundance

"This Physical Universe, for all its solidity and force and size, is only a pale copy of other universes and realms where personal power is much more effective and immediate." ~Jon Rappaport

Learn to tap into that unlimited potential and align your energy and beliefs with flowing abundance... And watch your wildest dreams come true...

A 4-week program that keeps going and going...

Week 1

  • Discover what you trully want and why?
  • Identifying and shifting negative beliefs about money and abundance
  • Align with the energy of Abundance
  • Learn about outcomes (vs. goals)
  • breaking out of your stuck income

Week 2

  • Avoiding self-sabotage and set backs
  • Getting all your "ducks in a row"!
  • Sorting through beliefs and desires
  • Clarifying outcomes

Week 3

  • Creating future memories
  • Getting outside and above your comfort zone
  • Using the "Future Timeline"

Week 4

  • Changing beliefs
  • Releasing Fear and Limitations

In person, phone or skype, one-on-one sessions or in small group at our office in Lakewood (Dallas, TX). Contact us to start ASAP.