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Randall Winter, LMT, CHt
Nadine Romain, PhD, CHt

The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

Stress-Free Holiday Teleseminar

Starting Thursday 12/1/11

With Nadine Romain, PhD and Randall Winter ChT

Stressed Woman

AHHH, The Holiday Season!!! We love it! We hate it!

It always brings a load of stress as we try to please everyone from family and relatives, to our friends and social responsibilities! The churches or school cooking, the mandatory parties work (his and hers), kids, friends, neighbors and the like. The social pressure, the financial strain, the emotional stir Enough already, you know what I mean!

We love it, we hate it, no matter what, cant get away from it! So here is a great set of fun solutions that wont take a lot of your time and will be helpful, year long and year after year!

We made it so easy and absolutely irresistible for you!

The format: 4 weekly teleconference including a hypnosis session (phone only, no computer required) but you cannot be driving your car or listening in a car driven by someone else! We will even provide recordings if you cant make it to the live call!

The topics we will address are:

- Tursday December 1: Mindful Eating

Learn tips to stay in control of what you put in your mouth, and stay aware of your bodys signal that you had enough. Learn how hypnosis works, what it is and what it is not. And enjoy a relaxing journey into setting your subconscious mind on a mission to eating healthy and mindfully no matter how many dinner parties you chose to attend.

-Thursday December 8: Restful Sleep 

In this highly stressful time, it is easy to lose sleep over all the worries and to-do lists and functions to attend on top of the regular crazy schedule your family usually runs! So this week we will set up an easy shutting down routine (with some great tips and fun rituals). Then we will slip into a comfortable safe place setting our mind and body for a peaceful restful rejuvenating sleep (even choosing the time you want to get up), refreshed and energized! (this hypno-session is great to fall asleep with)!

-Thursday December 15.: The power to say no

Many of us hold believes like If I really love someone, I would give him anything Meaning the more expansive the give, the greater the love. And the media make sure we keep hearing and seeing this one!!! An other good one is: Loving others is more important than respecting my needs and desires or in the same lines: A good person thinks of others before her/himself. All the main, old religions agree on this one! Yet, if you really think about it, it is more like: If I dont take care of myself, if I dont feel good, I cannot serve, help or assist anyone with all my God given potential!

This segment will provide you with an opportunity to reset some of these old believe if you are ready to let them go and put in place new believes that support who you want to be during the Holidays and always!

 -Thursday December 22: Family Matters

Family gathering are opportunities to reconnect but may also trigger old, unresolved grudges and past hurts. No one can push your buttons like your own parents or siblings. In this segment we will heal and transform the energy of those long-lasting relationships easily and efficiently without the need to even tell anyone else.

4 x 90 min segments on 4 consecutive Thursdays 8pm U.S. Central Time (6 PM Pacific)

$149 for all of the 4-week teleseminar

Early bird price $99.00 by 11/29/11 (VISA, MC, Check or Paypal)

 Any questions call 214 763 7601 or email

If you prefer private sessions: we have Christmas Specials too, call for details

Randall 214-763-7601 or Nadine 214-796-5327

January Special: Manifesting Abundance, 4-week Series: Private: $600, Teleseminar : $249

Weight loss, 6-week Series! Private: $775, Teleseminar: $299