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Cancer and Chemotherapy

"Cancer is not just a lump in your body that can be cut out or killed by radiation or drugs. It alters every aspect of your life... I have come to the conclusion that you, as a patient, cannot simply allow the management of your cancer and your life to be limited by the narrow views of the physicians you encounter."  ~Dr Charles Smith, MD (urologist who himself develloped prostate cancer)


Chemotherapy has numerous side effect; guided imagery can help minimize them!

No matter what route you choose for your cancer treatment there are many issues that come with the diagnostic that can be alleviated or reduced with the regular use of powerful mind tools like guided imagery or self-hypnosis. They also allow you to get involved in your own healing.

Among those issues that can be helped with hypnosis and/or tapping (EFT), you will find:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Fear (or even panic)
  • Chemoterapy side effects (Hair loss being the most commonly mentioned by our clients)
  • Radiation side effects
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Emotional roller-coaster

 In addition, hypnosis and mindfullness can assist you with:

  • Finding your inner strength to fight the disease 
  • Preparing for a successful surgery with shorter recovery time (removing the fear factor, creating positive expectation, decreasing stress, improving comfort and sleep among other things)
  • Activating your body's ability to heal (boosting your immune system in a very precise targettted way)
  • Make the best out of your treatment by mentally directing the chemo-cocktail for example, and protecting the healthy organs (as determined by your oncologist and/or radiologist).
  • Release old beliefs that could impair your complete healing (for example: "I don't deserve to be healthy", "I am too old (too fat, to sick, too wathever) to heal", etc.)
  • Planning for the future

If you are ready to take charge of those nasty side effects, contact us now to start our customized program. In person, phone or Skype.