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The New You: It's not a Fix, it's a Lifestyle!

 Nadine Romain, PhD

About Nadine Romain, PhD, CHt

I am a natural "seeker". I use to feel as if I did not belong, everywhere I would find myself to be. I was labeled a "timid child". I had many fears that could be summarized in one big fear: Fear of being myself!

Fortunately, I started Yoga at a very young age and I was immediately drawn to the philosophy behind it. I was so lucky to continue my journey with... as I like to say "one foot in each world"! The East, Right Brain, Inner world of yoga and Eastern philosophies, and the West, Left Brain, Outer world of Science and Biochemistry. This has never change and it gives me a very unique look at life and at everything I do today.

Many of my clients say I have a gift to find the best in them and shift their lives around. Maybe I do see your true potential BEFORE you see it yourself, but you are the one who does the shifting around! It's all you... I just hold the mirror for you... Figuratively.

"Nadine has provided excellent, life-changing coaching for me that has dramatically affected both my business and personal life. She really listens to you and offers creative techniques and ideas. I recommend her whenever you are ready for a paradigm shift.”
Randy Regan, Dallas, 12/16/09

I draw from many, many years of practice and introspection as well as from thorough, formal training with some of the greatest minds in the field of hypnosis and mind/body science.

I love helping people get "unstuck", find their true power so that they can start enjoying life to the fullest,... The way it is suppose to be!

Nothing is more exciting than witnessing that shift in your eyes when you allow yourself to open to new (unlimited) possibilities.


  • PhD in Biomedical Experimental Sciences
  • Founder and administrator of “Gentle Birth Companions” a professional birth assistant practice in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex since 1998.
  • Group and private hypnosis childbirth preparation educator for over 10 years.
  • Nadine has personally prepared and assisted hundreds of women and couples achieving easier, more blissful and often pain-free childbirth.
  • Faculty member for the IMDHA and IACT Associations since 2008.
  • She also presented “Hypnotic Assisted Birthing” at the 2008 PAINWEEK Medical Convention in Las Vegas.
  • Co-teaching the Gentle Birth Guardian Training with Barbara Harper, an advanced program for birth professionals designed to support undisturbed, spiritual births.
  • Co-owner of "The New You Center -Integrative Healthcare Professionals” with her husband, Randall Winter.
  • Instructor in Raja Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidra, and many powerful techniques of Pranayama. She has been teaching in the USA and Europe for over 25 years

Nadine's Certifications:

  • Stress Management Consultant with The International Hypnosis Federation, 2008 
  • One Command Level 1 Practitioner Training with Kathryn Perry and "Commanding Wealth® Seminars" 
  • Advanced Medical Hypnosis with Michael Ellner, 2008  
  • Advanced ThetaHealing®, 2007-2008 
  • Medical Intuitive with Patty Conklin at The International Medical And Dental Hypnotherapy Association, 2005 
  • Associate Practitioner in Ortho-Bionomy®, a powerful healing art based on the relationship to self and others, 2004
  • Metaphysical Counselor with Dick Sutphen at The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, 2003 
  • Advanced Hypnosis with The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, 2003 
  • HypnoBirthing®Practitioner with The HypnoBirthing Institute, 2001 
  • Birth Doula with D.O.N.A. International, 2000 
  • Yoga Nidra Instructor with Micheline Flack, in Paris, France, 1988 
  • Hatha-Yoga Instructor with "La Ligue International de Hatha-Yoga", 1984 


  • Health Issues (including weight)
  • Pain-free Childbirth 
  • Mind/Body Approaches to Pain Relief 
  • Changing Beliefs 
  • Changing Habits 
  • Spiritual Guidance 
  • Past Life Regression 

Nadine is an educator in human consciousness!

"My joy is to help clients find balance and comfort at all level of their being: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual".

At the present time, Nadine manages dual careers as a Research Scientist and as a Medical Hypnotist. She is co-owner of “The New You Center- Integrative Healthcare Professionals” with her husband, Randall Winter. She is the leader of the “Dallas IACT/IMDHA Chapter” and founder of, a resource community for women around the world seeking a more blissful birth experience.